Fastest VPN on the planet

Free VPNs can seriously slow you down by limiting the amount of data you can use. With Hola360 VPN, you get the fastest VPN connection on the planet and no bandwidth limits – to the benefit of streamers and gamers worldwide. Send large files, watch movies, play online, and don’t worry about a thing.

No logging of your activity

No one likes to be tracked online. But if you’re using a free VPN, your browsing data is likely being harvested and sold to the highest bidder. Hola360 VPN never tracks where you go online — it’s nobody’s business but yours. Browse in full privacy without restrictions.

Blocks ads and malware

While free VPN services bombard you with annoying ads, Hola360 VPN is ad-free. Our Threat Protection feature also prevents you from accessing infected websites and downloading malicious files. No annoying pop-up is going to trick you into clicking on it! Get Hola360 VPN

Why You Need Our Service

We always aim for the best user experience, see what we can bring to you:

Ensure Privacy & Security

Information encryption helps protect online privacy. Hide your online activities and location.

Fast VPN Speed

The unique VPN technology we use provides unparalleled performance and connection stability.

VPN For Multiple Devices

We support connecting on many different devices, there is no limit to the number of connected devices

Fully Encrypted Internet

Hola360 VPN encrypt all the data you send and receive, including your browsing activity, so that no one can read it but you. This not only protects your personal data, but it further conceals your identity.

Block Malicious Content

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Unlimited Bandwidth

Hola360 VPN is optimized for fast connections and unlimited bandwidth, using a huge network of fast VPN servers in multiple locations.

All free

Hola360 VPN is a global network for users. We provide premium VPN speed and safety absolutely free.

Free access to any Website

Hola360 VPN is optimized for fast connections and unlimited bandwidth, uses a huge network of fast VPN servers in locations, breaks Internet censorship barriers, allows you to access any website or content.

What client’s say about us

Marsha C. Meyer

Melbourne, Australia

Amazing VPN. Among the very few VPNs that actually work on my school WiFi

Bns H. Jabed

Noakhali, Bangladesh

Using Hola360 VPN this seems faster and free so can't really complain!

Alyssa Milano

California, United States

This is the best VPN app I've used so far. I can only recommend the app. I hope that there will be an Android apk app soon.Keep it up 🙂

Cathy S. Knight

California, United States

Really good VPN. Unblock every website I want to visit and it is totally free! No need to buy a vpn if you have this one! 🙂


California, United States

Tested and trusted, you don't know what's acceptable here and this vpn service actually saved from getting a huge fine. Now I can get my content without censorship. So far, it's been impressive, the speed is tolerable and very consistent so I highly recommend hola360 vpn.


Edinburgh, London

Honestly - comparable to the paid proxies I've worked with, thanks Hola360 VPN team!

Martin Bishop

Jakatar, Indonesia

Absolutely love your service. Keep doing what you're doing and you've got a customer for life!!

Kyle J. Kepner

California, United States

Netflix is far better with a brilliant Hola360 VPN service...thanks!!!

Noemi @ Lausanne

Milan, Italy

I really don’t know how I survived five weeks of confinement without you. Thank you so much for this great, free, open source VPN service 🙌🏼


Marseille, France

Thank you so much for your great VPN, all for free, best performance, speed is amazing and I really feel happy using it

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Hola360 VPN has hundreds of secure VPN servers all around the world, including several free VPN servers. This ensures that there is always a high bandwidth server nearby no matter where you are connecting from, providing a low latency VPN connection for best performance.

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